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Make more confident fertilization decisions

Determine the nutrient balance of the crops in your field with a simple nutrient diagnostics solution backed by years of agronomy knowledge.

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Patented solution, tested and validated in lab and actual field conditions.



Measuring all the required nutrients is important due to Liebig’s Law of the Minimum and its consequences on crop yield. The law stipulates that keeping everything else constant (climate, soil, etc) only optimal nutrition will allow you to achieve the highest crop yield possible. As long as even a single nutrient is missing, the yield will decrease significantly.



Having an in depth understanding of the soil condition used to grow crops is vital to know what specific nutrients are lacking in plants’ vegetation stage. Inability to determine the health of a crop leads lower yield. The decision to maximize output irrespective of operating expenditure (OPEX) has led farmers to spend extensively on mineral fertilizers.



We have developed and patented a plant diagnostic tool prototype, called the Smart Agrometer (Patent WO/2012/053877, DE112011103545, LT5858B). The tool allows farmers to measure what specific nutrients are missing for plant growth at certain stages of its vegetation at hand.The tool is able to make recommendations based on when, what type and where fertilizers are required. It is able to pinpoint 14 vital micro- and macronutrients and their deficiencies in the plants.



Concept designs



Detection of deficiency or excess of nutrients in plants; provision of recommendations to optimize fertilization

  • Scope of macroelements: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Sulphur (S)

  • Scope of microelements: Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn), Boron (B), Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), Molybdenum (Mo), Nickel (Ni), Chlorine (Cl)

  • Scope of plants: summer wheat


Simultaneous spectrum measurement in two separate leaves; calibration with reflector samples

  • Minimum leaf width: 5 mm

  • Spectrum measurement time: 5 sec (single measurements)

  • Spectrum measurement range: 400 nm – 850 nm

  • Requirements for field measurements: 10-40 measurements per hectare

  • Modes: Snap shot measurement mode; continuous measurement; remote measurement and control (Bluetooth, GSM)


  • Dimensions: 200 x 50 x 40 mm

  • Weight: 300 g (device) + 1,000 g (battery)

  • Power supply: 12 VDC (external) or Li-Ion battery pack (rechargeable, capacity 5500mA, 10 hours continuous measurement)

  • Interface: Bluetooth

  • Inserted modules: GSM, GPS

Data analysis

  • iOs and Android Os apps

  • Web-based analysis tool

  • Cloud data storage


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Patented method

Developed and tested for over 7 years

Instant insights

Cloud based database connected to software & hardware for instant insights post-measurement

laboratory level standards

To be validated under controlled conditions in certified laboratories

full spectrum of elements

Know precisely what your field is lacking

compact & easy-to-use

Handheld tool with mobile software integration - requires little training to use


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"After 5 years of continuous collaboration with Žemdirbių Konsultacijos, my farm has never been better. We always discuss what‘s best for the fields, the crops, the soil. All of their knowledge is backed by scientific research and experiments. In the past few years they have also demonstrated how they use light spectra reflections to decide what fertilizers are lacking in my crop. Even though it‘s a complex and confusing method, the experts ensured me that the insights from the device helps me reduce spending on fertilizer even more."

Ildefonsas P, 900 ha

"I used to fertilize my fields based on the recommendations provided by distributors – the spending was high and yet we weren’t satisfied with the outcomes. After 4 seasons of working with Žemdirbių Konsultacijos, not only have we improved our yields and stabilized our business financially - we started moving towards precision agriculture. The guys have presented us with the diagnostics tool  and its benefits and so far we are more than satisfied with the results and improvements they bring to our fields."

Darius S, 400 hectares

"We thought we were experts of farming... but we never had decent yields. We felt desperate - our knowledge was not enough, local agronomists couldn't help. Our fertilization strategy was simply "apply more".  Then we met with the Žemdirbių Konsultacijos team, who presented the tool that helped us manage our fertilization schedules and change our approach to farming completely."

Arvydas B, 350 hectares


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Ernestas is the founder, CEO and Head Agronomist of Zemdirbiu Konsultacijos UAB. Currently oversees over 54,000 hectares of arable land for clients in the CEE region. Ernestas is the key visionairy behind the Smart Agrometer.

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Mantas has over a decade of experience in agronomy and farming. Mantas, alongside Kęstutis, is responsible for day-to-day nutritional analysis and testing in the fields and in our specialized laboratory.



Andrius is responsible for overseeing the finance and day-to-day operations of the project. Andrius has an extensive background in finance from a leading financial advisory boutique and operational experience in small business management.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 790820

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UAB "Žemdirbių Konsultacijos" together with MB "Konsultacijos Įmonėms" is implementing the project "Development of an innovative plant diagnostics solution".

For more details in Lithuanian, please see here

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